Photoshop for Business

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Photoshop for Business

Welcome to the Photoshop for Business course. You will be introduced to Adobe® Photoshop where you will learn quickly how to design things such as business cards and print advertisements. With a low monthly cost of Photoshop, you will have the skills and know-how to build whatever you need quickly and efficiently.

This course walks you through such things as setting up your workspace (and what it is), color modes, masking, intermediate masking, making a full-page ad and a business card, shortcuts, and others as well!

For the Business Professional
You work hard everyday. Accelerating in your job may very well mean you need to learn how to use Adobe® Photoshop to better your skill set. If you’re a Marketing creative, in Advertisement, or any field that need creatives made, this course will get you up to speed in a quick and efficient way.

For the Entrepreneur
When you’re starting a business with little money, you need to bootstrap. Bootstrapping means you pay for and learn how to do it all in the beginning, including the designing of your items with programs like Adobe® Photoshop. You have very little time and NO idea how to go about it. You wear many hats and making your own content is one of them.

Photoshop for Business is an accelerated and detailed Crash Course. You will not only learn how to use the program but you will learn how to use the shortcuts to save time. The faster you learn to use shortcuts, the faster you will get your projects done, and that’s money saved.